Inverted Fish Tail Rainbow Loom




Introduction: Inverted Fish Tail Rainbow Loom

Here I will tell you easy way to make a gorgeous rainbow loom bracelet Just with your fingers!

Step 1: Supplies

Get a few white or black bands and choose two other colours of your own you will also need an S or C clip and of course last but not least your fingers!!!

Step 2: Beginning

Take one band and do a figure eight around two fingers take two more and put them on the same fingers but don’t twist them

Step 3: Starting the Chain

Now take the bottom loop and pull it to the very top and let it rest in the middle of the top loop

Step 4: Continue the Pattern

We need three loops on our fingers!! So add one more colour on then take the middle loop and pull it down under the bottom now take the new middle and pull it to the top

Step 5: So Close

Continue that pattern until desired length could be two centimetres could be five feet any length you choose no right no wrong

I’m making a ring so my length is small

Step 6: The End

Add a clip to connect it and boom you’re done and can wear your new item

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