Introduction: Invisible Broken Wire Detector

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Invisible Broken wire detector is an instrument, very useful under these circumstances since it can easily detect the location of internal snapping without contact and physical disturbance.When it senses the breakage in the faulty wire the LED in the instrument turns off, the user knows the location of the fault and the broken section of wire can be replaced easily.

This is the easy version of invisible broken wire detector.

Step 1: Prepare the Material

Only need:

3 x Transistor 9014

1 x LED

1 X Copper wire

Step 2: Connect According to the Circuit Diagram

Just connect them according the video, it's very easy.

Step 3: Complete the Invisible Broken Wire Detector

The circuit is made cheap and best. It would not only be able in reducing wastage of time but resources too.Thus using just a hex inverter and few resistors we are able to construct a device which can easily detect a faulty broken wire and thus save the extra cost of a user which is incurred on replacing it which is otherwise too difficult.