Introduction: Invisible Fun Book Shelf

Yes, dear reader, this is not a fantasy tale, but a real invisible bookshelf! You will get to know about the secret of this 'invisible' bookshelf in this instructable

Step 1: Supplies

Firstly, you must have the following supplies:



old hardcover book


Step 2: Preparing the Base

Take the old hardcover book and carefully separate the cover and the pages. We will need only the cover

Then take a box which fits perfectly inside the cover to make it seem as if the pages are still inside

Drill two holes on the side where the side of the box is revealing, opposite to where the name of the book is written

Step 3: Preparing the Mounting Place

Hammer two nails according to the gap at the side of the boo

Step 4: Mounting

Place the book and fix it at the holes. I would recommend to apply some superglue on the nails to stick the book perfectly

Step 5: Wait for the Book to Be Stable for Use

Step 6: Enjoy!

Put only light books depending on the material you use to make the base

It looks like there is no shelf, but we know better, don't we?