Introduction: Invisible Glue Joints: Connect Two Pieces in 90 Degrees (werkplaatsidc)

In this instructable we will show you how to make an invisible wood glue connection without using a lot of (difficult) materials. The connection we talk about is specially for small connections.

What do you need?

- a saw
- wood glue (we use pattex express)
- two pieces to connect
- a chisel
- wood file
- hammer

Step 1: Measure

mark the width of one bar off to another where they intersect. Do this on both pieces. Take half of the thickness and sign off on the other sides.

Do this for both pieces along both sides.

Step 2: Saw

Now saw right through to the first endorsement halfway the bar (second markings).

Step 3: Take Out the Pieces

Now gently turn the pieces with the chisel out. Be careful, get something rather too little than too much.

Make sure the pieces fit together nicely and file if necessary.

Step 4: Put Pieces Together

Clear the two pieces of dust and apply adhesive to all areas where they are touching. Stick together and use two clamping screws and two pieces of wood to push them firmly together.

Leave some time (depending on the drying time of the glue).

Step 5: Quick Fix

When, after assembling a cavity remains between the two pieces, can that be solved.

Add glue to the cavity. Thereafter, when the adhesive is still wet, you have to sand the piece so the dust go in the cavity.

After hardening of the glue, the groove is no longer visible.