Introduction: Invisible Skype Cordless Phone


This project is based on previous cordless skype phone projects but this one has the circuit neatly stored in the phone charger base. I am using a Uniden 900 Mhz cordless phone. See SkypePhone.xls below for an excel spreadsheet of how I soldered this circuit.

Step 1: Make a Skype Phone Connector

See and this instructable for fulll details on how to build your own Skype phone connector. Thanks a million guys!

Step 2: Connect to Phone Base

Once the circuit is complete. Snip two holes in the base of the phone for the speaker and microphone. There are two convenient airholes in this uniden phone for this. Solder the microphone and speaker to the circuit after they have been threaded through these holes. The phone cable can slip out over a hole above the phone plug. Then connect the positive and negative wires (red and green here) to the recharger terminals (red and black) on the underside of base. You are now ready to replace the base. The base unit provides 9V which we can piggy back to power this circuit.

Step 3: Replace Cover

Replace the cover (very carefully!) The circuit should slip into the cavity where the blue arial wire goes. Connect the phone cable into the connector on the back. Connect the microphone and speaker jacks to your computer and you are ready to use Skype out through your cordless phone-- without having to look at the little circuit!