Introduction: IoT Based Smart Farming

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Internet Of Things (IoT)is a shared network of objects or things which can interact with each other provided the Internet connection. IoT plays an important role in agriculture industry which can feed 9.6 billion people on the Earth by 2050. Smart Agriculture helps to reduce wastage, effective usage of fertilizer and thereby increase the crop yield. In this work, a system is developed to monitor crop-field using sensors (soil moisture, temperature, humidity, Light) and automate the irrigation system. The irrigation is automated if the moisture of the field falls below the brink. In greenhouses light intensity control can also be automated in addition to irrigation. The notifications are sent to farmers' mobile periodically. The farmers' can able to monitor the field conditions from anywhere. This system will be more useful in areas where water is in scarce. This system is 92% more efficient than the conventional approach.

Step 1: Parts Used

1. Soil Moisture sensor Module

2. Relay Module

3. Node MCU

4. Water pump

Step 2: Connection Diagram-

Step 3: Node MCU Code-

Node mcu can be easily programmed using the Arduino IDE, for server we are using the Blynk app which provides a server where we can store our data and do some computations over there. It also provides a dead simple UI to create applications.

Arduino code file is attached below

Step 4: Blynk APP

Step 5: Results

If all your connections are right then you will get the following results.

With this app the user will get the notification at the time when the water supply motor gets on and off . And if he wants to control the motor remotely , then also he have the controls with him. Through this technique Irrigation system can be controlled from anywhere, one just needs a working internet connection and a smart phone with him.

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