Introduction: IoT CA2

Project Description:

A research facility that handles biohazard material. Each Pi represents a research and development room equipped with a temperature sensor, RFID scanner, LCD screen, Buzzer and an LED.

  1. The temperature sensor is used for monitoring the temperature and humidity of the rooms.
  2. RFID scanner is used for verification of employees.
  3. LCD screen is to show the employee if his/her employee card has been verified/approved after tapping.
  4. Buzzer and LED are used to alarm the employees in the case of an emergency.

Amazon Web Services IoT Console is used as the central system for collecting and sending data. Using the MQTT protocol, the cloud is responsible for managing the labs as well as the server.

Step 1: Importing the Codes for the Server

The codes required in this project is written in Python. The program runs on the Flask framework and all the sensors are controlled by the web GUI. There is only one main file required to run for the program to start up. (

File Tree for Server

  • IOT_CA2
    • app
      • databases
      • static
      • templates
        • accesslog.html
        • base.html
        • homepage.htlm
        • lab1.html
        • lab2.html
        • room_status.html
      • views

File Tree for Laboratory 1


Step 2: Setup Your Hardware

The items that are needed in this project are:

  1. An LED bulb
  2. A Buzzer
  3. An RFID scanner
  4. An RFID card (To scan with)
  5. An LCD screen
  6. A temperature sensor

Step 3: Run the Program

All you have to do is open up command prompt, change directory into the main folder which as as well as the /app folder.

Lastly, type in "python" and it should start up the web GUI.

For the labs, enter your Pi, and type in "python" and it will start sending data to AWS.