Introduction: IoT Candybox (TfCD)

This Internet of Things Candybox is made to get a first understanding of IoT.

With this candybox, someone can see from a distance if it is open or not.
For example; you can check anywhere if your roommate didn't steal your candy.

IoT candy box, this application demonstrates how IoT could play a role in how we are going to handle and store our food in the near future. It demonstrates how simple it is to monitor something like that. It is expected that more applications will be developed that has to do with smart food handling focused on efficiency and healthy eating.

Step 1: Components You Need

The used components are:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Sparkfun ESP8266 WiFi Shield
  • Resistor (10 kOhm)
  • Candybox (We used a tin box of 5*5*10 cm (h*w*l) with an extra part to put the arduino away.)
  • Aluminum foil

Step 2: Build the Circuit

The button in the drawing stand for the lid of the candybox.

Step 3: Load Arduino Code

Follow the ESP8266 WiFi Shield Hookup Guide on to install the required library.

Don’t forget to change const char mySSID[] = "yourSSIDhere"; with your SSID and const char myPSK[] = "yourPWDhere"; with the correct password.

Make sure that the device you want to check the status of the box with is, is connected with the same network!

Step 4: Build the IoT Candy Box

Make sure, when building the IoT candy box, the metal parts of the Arduino do not touch the box (if is a metal box). Aluminium foil can be attached to the lid if a proper connection cannot be established between the lid and the wires.

Step 5: Check Your Serial Monitor

Open the serial monitor to check if connection with the network was successful. Make sure the serial monitor is set to Both NL & CR with 9600 Baud. Further, follow the instructions provided via the serial monitor to find out the ip address of the IoT box you need to go to check status of the box.

Step 6: Check the Website to See If the Candybox Is Open or Closed!

Be in control of your candy when you are not around!

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