Introduction: IoT Controlled Lamp

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Are you tired in the morning? Do you want a soft wakeup? this is the solution, i built myself a IoT-controlled lamp that i can schedule when it turns on and off. I schedule mine to light up about 10 minutes before my alarm goes off in the morning to give me a soft wakeup.

You can also use the IoT dongle for other purpose also, for your Coffemaker as example, the only limits are 250V Maximum power, 2500W, Maximum current 10A.

First of all you will need a lamp! I made my own lamp, you can watch the tutorial here:

or use any lamp you wish.

And the IOT-dongle can be bought here:
Shrinkingtube -

Some optional things are some tools if you want it too look a little bit better for example:
Solder iron -
Solder helpinghand -
Cutting Plier -
Triwing screwdriver-

Step 1: Dissasamble

i want the connection to look better so i disassabled the IoT donlgle to solder the wires instead. Remove the to screws at the back. It´s triwing screws.

Step 2: Solder

Solder the Leader in and out wires, make sure you connect them the right way!
Use shrinking tube to make sure it dont get shorted!

Step 3: Download the App and Setup

Download at the appstore or at the manufacturers website.
Set up by taping the plussign and chose add device, just type your wifi connection and you should be good to go.
Rename the device for besidelamp or whatever you like.

Step 4: Modes

There are lots of different modes im scheduling my to light up at 7 to be turned off by 9 at weekdays. You can also use it as a countdown timer to shut the device of within given time.

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