IoT Device for Serial to Ethernet by Using TCP




Introduction: IoT Device for Serial to Ethernet by Using TCP

About: S/W Engineer for Open Source Platform.

I know WIZ550S2E solution for monitoring. Recently WIZwiki-W7500ECO platform was announced by WIZnet. So I implemented a firmware of WIZwiki-W7500ECO by WIZ550S2E SW modification because I can handle a source code easily.
You can know the status of equipment even if it is so far. Please refer to the following step.

Step 1: Prepare Materials

Please refer to the following.
1. WIZwiki-W7500ECO board.
2. Mini USB cable
3. LAN cable
4. UART2USB adapter

Step 2: Hardware Connection

Please connect an USB, LAN cable and UART2USB adapter
You can get more HW info by the following site.

Step 3: Prepare Development Environment

I prepared GCC development environment by the following site.
I installed GNU Toolchain, Java JDK, Eclipse, Cygwin.
If you install all tools, you are ready for running this project.
You can use a Configuration Tool by the following temporarily.
How to use a CFG tool :
## Reference
WIZwiki-W7500ECO library source :

Step 4: Software : GitHub Repository

I opened source codes of this project in GitHub.
You can download this project files. And then import project into Eclipse.
After compile, you can run S2E application of WIZwiki-W7500ECO.
This project is open for everyone. I expect your participation to improve a quality of project.

Step 5: How to Run : Test Result

Refer to the movie of S2E operation. ( )

1. To program FW into a target.
2. To reset a target and insert MAC address.
3. To search a target by Configuration Tool.
4. To check Host IP and Options.
5. To change IP, Gateway properly.
6. To search a target by Configuration Tool again.
7. To select "F/W Uploading".
8. To change Server IP, File Name properly.
9. To press OK.
10. To check a version of new FW through terminal program.
11. Carry out S2E operation.
You can see the test result by the video.
Thank you for your attention.
*Tip : If you register in and work actively, you can get a sample cheaper than E-sales as well as a free sample.

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    6 years ago

    I'm not seeing the high-level overview of what's happening here. Is it that you have a client system like an arduino (not shown here) which talks over its serial pins to this wizwiki device, which then forwards your packets over the ethernet?

    If so, what protocol does the client use to talk over the serial connection to the ethernet-connected device? Is it SLIP or PPP or something else? Is there an arduino client library for SLIP or PPP to talk to the serial-to-ethernet controller?

    I see the library for what runs on the wizwiki but I'm not getting the connection to the client, unless your intent is to run the application on the wizwiki too (like how people run things on ESP8266 systems instead of just using them as wifi gateways), but if that's the case then where does the serial come in?



    Reply 6 years ago

    Dear gtoal

    Thank you for your attention.

    W7500ECO platform is a SoC platform board based on the W7500 chip = ARM Cortex-M0 that integrates 128KB Flash and hardwired TCP/IP core. If you use WIZwiki-W7500 board, you can easily evaluate the W7500 and test its performance and all functions. (Refer to )

    You can transfer your sensor data to your server by using W7500ECO platform. (Refer to or this project )
    Naturally, the development environment is GCC, not Arduino.

    You can connect W7500ECO to ESP8266 system, but I know there is included lwIP in ESP8266 system. If you want to get ESP8266 system with W7500ECO, you have to consist of SPI connection and have a driver porting. (Refer to )