Introduction: IoT Geeks - the Logo & Light

Hey Geeks & Aspirants,

If you have not come across IoT Geeks in the past, this is my first post reveal about my community to the great makers world. We will talk later about all the good & great work done over last 5 years but now we can concentrate on Make IT Glow contest.

Its been a while, my dream always to build a glowing lights for IoT Geeks R&D Lab. Few months ago, we did print our first logo what you see in this picture and then last week I did made this LED light as DIY stuff. Lets get into the details how I did it.

Step 1: Step 1: Try to Grap a Aluminum U Frame

You figure out the dimension of your LED light. There is a pair of LED diffuser & frame are available in the market to buy but my choice was to use the Aluminum frame which was lying down in my Lab for a while. The U channel is better pick for LED DIY

Step 2: Step 2: You Can Find This LED Strips Around

I did buy 12 Volt Green LED strip from local vendor and that's perfect to do my DIY exercise.

Step 3: Step 3: Get a 12 Volt Power Adapter to Power Your LED

Get a 12 Volt Power adapter to power your LED. This adaptor also always in online or local stores. You need to find out. Most of the mobile phone chargers are just 5V. So you need to look at the output of the adapter for 12V

Step 4: Step 4: Integrate Everything & Make IT Glow

1) Now stick the LED Strip on the aluminum frame till its loses its tail In between you need to solder the +, - terminals to connect them in series.

2) Once stick & soldering is completed then connect to your power adapter

3) Let the Power adaptor connect to AC Power supply

4) Yeah! its glows finally here.

Happy DIYing, Holidays & Marry Christmas!


- Murugadoss Balasubramanian