Introduction: Ionocraft

Ionocraft or ion propelled aircraft is a aircraft propelled by electricity without any moving parts or produces thrust or lift using ions so, it utilizes a high voltage power supply.


Wooden skewers
Aluminum foil
Packing tape
Cooper wire(without insulation)
Super glue
High voltage DC power supply


Step 1: Preparation

Cut a piece of aluminium foil of length 29cm and breath 4cm.Now cut 6 Wooden skewers 3 of 8cm and 6 of 9.5cm

Step 2:

Now take the aluminum foil and place the wooden skewers on the aluminum foil near the edge of it and super glue them after gluing roll the foil over skewers and make sure you have round edge

Step 3:

Now place the other 3 skewer (9.5cm) between the the skewer placed earlier and glue them in place such that it leaves 2cm from the round edge.

Step 4:

Now fold the whole thing such that it forms a triangle.

Step 5:

Now take your ionocraft an grab your Cooper wire and tie the wire leaving a gap (near the round edge) a mm more than 1cm,this wire is going to be your high voltage positive and take another copper wire and tape that wire to the foil and that's your high voltage negative wire (make sure the length of the wire is enough to connect to the power supply. )
Note: the gap depends on the voltage of power supply

Step 6:

Tie the legs of craft to a insulator using copper wire and make sure you have enough wire length so,that lifter can fly.Now go ahead and wire the top wire to positive and foil to negative.(I am using a flyback transformer from a old cathode ray tube TV.) Now your ionocraft is done and ready to fly.
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