Introduction: Ipad Case for My Daughter on 3 Minutes

I Bought an Ipad 1, but it  Ipad Case not like me, then i think how made an personalized Ipad Case for my Daughter with this results...

Hope Enojy this.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

Supplies :

         Notebook  with Vinyl (like leather) Case
         Ipad 1 Case. it come with my bought. Unknown price and you cand replace with another thing (i think)
         Xtreme Velcro

Tools :

         Knife (Cutter)

Step 2: Preparing Vinyl Case

On Notebook i need to cut all the sheets for leave ready to accept the ipad case.

Step 3: Stick Velcro on Future Ipad Case

Step 4: Leaving Apple Ipad 1 Case on "Master" Ipad Case

Step 5: Finishing Putting Ipad 1 on Case