Introduction: Ipad Holder for Microphone Stand From PVC

Many musicians now use iPads as lyric sheets/chord charts.  Commercial holders, like the iKlip, can cost $30 and up.  I made this one for $5.

I want to give credit to replayerreb whose iPad holder for use while tent camping was the inspiration for this design.

Step 1: Materials Needed

3/4" PVC pipe--I bought two 2-foot sections for $1.25 apiece
3/4" 90 degree elbows-four of them
one 3/4" Tee

Cut the following lengths:

two 12 inch  These are the side pieces
one 5 1/2  inch  This is the top (or bottom) piece
one 6 inch  This is the mic stand support piece
two 2 inch These hook into the tee at the bottom (or top)

Cut slots in the 12 inch pieces that are 9 3/4 inches long by 1/2 inch wide.  This is where the iPad rests.

Step 2: Tools Needed

Something to cut the slots with:  I used one of those vibrating sonic tools.
Something to cut the pipe with:  I used a PVC pipe cutter.  A hacksaw would work also.
Something to smooth out the cuts:  A knife
Something to measure with:  A yardstick
SOmething to mark with: a pencil

Step 3: Put It Together

I didn't glue anything because I want to be able to change the design.  It seems to stay together very well, joints are nice and tight.  Need to be careful when assembling and disassembling so you don't drop the iPad.  Do it over a table with a tablecloth or some other soft covering.  Easiest way is to put the elbows on the long pieces, then carefully maneuver the other parts together while holding the iPad in place.

Step 4: Back View of Holder

I tried it both ways (tee on bottom and top).  It seems a little sturdier with it on top.  I had some trouble keeping it steady on the mic stand because it's not a tight fit and wanted to spin around.  I wrapped a rubber band around the top of the mic stand and that solved that problem.

So there you go.  Once again, PVC pipe, the DIY guy's (or gal's) friend.