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Introduction: Iphone 4 Video Stabilizer

www.designhuman.us - shameless plug!
I like shooting video of my two year old daughter as she achieves a lot of her milestones! and after she started crawling than walking I found my walking with her, capturing all the glorious moments a father is so proud of. like pulling books of the coffee table! for whatever reason my wife does not find these moments so glorious ... I digress.
What I quickly found out is ... i shoot with my iPhone because is always in my hand. I desire a better stability of shot ... well, the rest is history

What you will need from the hardware store:

- an 8/32 threaded rod
- some 8/32 nuts
- some large washers (2-3)

Step 1: Order the Holder From Ponoko.com

I am not the first one here to use ponoko.com. they are great and their packaging marvelous. they will charge you $36.75 for the holder and shipping is around $10.00
What you will need from ponoko.com find it here : http://www.ponoko.com/showroom/dhc

Step 2: Bend the Rod

Anchoring the end in a vice, bend the threaded rod slowly not to break it. 

Step 3: Prepare the Counter-weight

Attach two or three washers to the long end of the rod. tighten enough not to have play. you will need to readjust in a later step.

Step 4: Attach the Holster to the Rod

Attach the bent rod to the holster. Make sure you thread a nut on the rod before threading the holster on the rod. makes your life easier. Tighten up.

Step 5: Balance the Assembly

Now is time to balance. I found it easiest to balance left to right first. Than front to back. Once happy with these two is time to adjust the pendulum.
Place a rubber band on a tangent line to the bottom of the holster - like in the picture. easiest to hang it of a wire or have someone hold it. now move the weights up or down the rod until you achieve a balance - the face of your phone (which at this moment is facing down) is as horizontal as possible.
What we are striving for is a "balanced pendulum" effect giving us a counter swing to our movements.

Step 6: Go Shoot

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    thank you all, including Kanein for your feedback, understand that after you work on something for months is a bit difficult to just place it in the world for free. the file is up on Ponoko.com .Please provide educated feedback if you make it and get to use it ... it will help with the next generation. I already have a few changes in the list and look to implement them together with the ones I get here.

    Kanein Encanto

    This really does look like so much advertising. Though certainly, I could also get one of the cheap dollar-store iPhone cases and with a little work come up with something similar too...while saving a bundle...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Raul, ingenious use of inertia to help stabilize your phone camera. Here's an idea for free, which if you are trying to sell a product as jmatthias perceives, could be advantageous for you. Why not mold a quarter-inch insert into your iPhone holder so your customers could use it like any other camera mount?

    For everyone else, glue a 1/4 x 20 nut onto whatever iPhone holder you already have, using sugru, and thread the stabilizing rod into that without bending. Really, I thought we were going to see gyros in this article.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    You have put some time into your design and write up, but without giving the file for the holder away or being very transparent about your markup (or, ideally your lack of markup) on Ponoko, this just comes across as a way for you to sell some 3d printed designs. Please take this as constructive criticism and not me trying to rain on your parade.