Introduction: Great Little Amplifier

Hello All.

Today i have for you  the iPhone  Amp. 
I was going to Make it using an Altoids Tin. But Knowing That They are so many out there
I wanted mine to be a bit Different.
So I Decided to use Wood. Not Just any Wood But  Real Hard Wood  Red And Yellow.

I Must Thank Mr CTX 1985,  His Instructables  Gave me the inspiration to Build mine. Thanks Mate.

So You will need
Female panel mount jacks 2
Amplifier .. i got all the parts from    www. 
Rechargeable Lithium Battery 1200 mAh 3.7v 
Battery Charger
3.5mm Jack panel mount

Router,Drill Press, Drill,Table Saw,Sander,Solder,Heat Shrink tubing,Hot Glue Gun,Alligator Clips,
 The Amp is 7 Inches Wide Base, 5 Inches Wide At the Top,1 Inch Thick, And Very Hard
Mark Directly on the wood The Locations of the Parts, 
By doing this You will Save Time Later..

I used The Drill Press To Cut The Holes For the Speakers, Then the Router To Cut The Back For the Battery,Cables 
Charger,Amp, and the Other Parts,

Then i Drilled The Side For the Switch,And Jacks. Please take Care Doing this Step.

Note.....   Cut The Wires A bit Longer Than Normal. 
After All the Wood Working is done Clean the Wood 

Now The Fun Begins   Do all the Soldering Installing Each Piece At the Time
But DO NOT Make the Final Connection Until You TEST    That All is Working Fine.

NOTE.... The Switch has 5 Terminals

They are  From L To R.....While Looking At the Back of the Unit.  LED - , C1  , N01, NC1,LED+
Connecting the Wires.
LED- Goes To      -LOAD On The Charger  And Ground on the Amp
LED+ And N01 To Vcc on the Amp
NC1   to + Load on the Charger

The Wires from the 3.5 mm Jack  R,L & GND two wires here..  Right Goes to Amp R+
Left Goes to Amp L+ And Ground two Wires Go to Amp   L-  , R-

The Wires From The Fem RCA Jacks  L & R  Go to the Blue Connector + And -   
The Cables from the battery Go to BAT Terminal on the Charger

Hope You Like my Build. it was fun and Challenging.
Now Go And Make Something
And Hey   Hey  Have Fun......

Question... Should i put a  Back To Cover the Electronics?  Using Plastic or Wood?

And Can we Give this little Amp A Name?

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