Introduction: Iphone "Backpack" 3d Money Clip

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     As the Apple Iphone has grown in popularity, so have the accessories made for it. There is a very wide variety of cases, so of these are wallets. They can hold credit cards, receipts, money, and in some cases coins. These wallet cases can be very hard to remove though. That is why I designed clip. This attachment can me easily attached to your Iphone 4, 4s, or 5 with extreme ease. The clip can hold cash, credit cards, receipts or other items.
     With some tweaks to the design this model could be mad 3d printable. If you would like you could also edit the Iphone clip part off of it. That would make it just a regular money clip.

     I designed this case using Tinker CAD. This can easily be redesigned by anyone. I say this because this was my first project using Tinker. I was very proud of the way that this turned out.
     Tinker CAD is a pretty powerful but simple 3d modeling software that can be used by anyone. The tools in the program are simple and straight forward. Tinker is a very good free program that runs very well in browser.

     This File and others, are available here.

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