Introduction: Iphone Document Scanner Stand

Sturdy, cheap, easily stored stand to photograph documents or to display documents onto a video display for presentations. I use an Iphone with an AppleTV. But any phone works. A wired connection to a projector or TV is an alternative.

You can use the camera app on your phone show the image and to AirPlay the document image to a video display, but it displays the controls which detracts from the presentation. I use the excellent, 99 cent Iphone CameraVision app which is perfectly designed for presentations. A double tap magnifies the image. A finger in the screen displays a nice red arrow pointer altho I prefer the old fashioned way of using a pencil or pointer on the document itself. Android phones have similar capabilities, but would need to be researched.

The holder adjusts up and down to compose documents in portrait or landscape mode, as well as to scan small items or small books or documents. I marked spots on the rod for presets for different size documents.

The arm drops down to engage the closet rod and stays put, but the spring clamp insures it does not slide down when bumped.

The stand comes apart quickly and stores in a cloth shopping bag.

Step 1: Build It!

I made this from scrap 3/4" MDF and a piece of closet rod. But any plywood, particle board, flat board works. Another type of dowel or PVC pipe could work for the leg as well.

A drill press with Forstner bits is best to safely drill the two holes and to make them perpendicular. The hole in the arm is 1-3/8" or just slightly over the size of the rod so it slides easily, but will lock when tilted down.

The end of the closet rod is a firm press fit into a 1-1/4" hole in the MDF. I turned the end of the rod down to a slight taper and shoulder on a lathe, but it could easily be carved with a utility knife and fine tuned with 80 grit sandpaper instead. You want a tight press fit, but one that can be removed with little effort.

Plan the length of the arm to suit the size of your phone and to center the lens over the documents.

The rubber band holds the phone well. Bring spare rubber bands, and pick wide sturdy ones, doubling up as needed for a firm fastening.

For me this was zero cost and less than an hour of work. It works great.