Introduction: Iphone Kaleidoscope

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In This Instructable (My First) I will Be showing you how to create amazing bright easy drawing using mirrors on you iPhone, iPod or iPad. It Is as simple as squiggling your finger along the screen. This is all done by a app called Kalido which is Free to download in the app Store! I hope You enjoy my Instructable, Follow me for more drawing projects!

Step 1: Getting Started

The First Step to creating amazing drawings is downloading app. To download the app go to the app store and search 'Kalido Free'. Hopefully it will take you to the app I'm using. (of corse the app is free!) Once Downloaded open the app up and move on to step 2, creating your drawing.

Step 2: Creating Your Drawing

Once you have opened your app you will have to press The new button to create a new drawing. This will then take you to another tool bar that gives you the choice of mystery and master. Master lets you have more control over the colours and effect of your drawing as mystery just gives you a random colour and effect. Personally i prefer master so i can have more control over what I'm doing. Once you have done this you will be ready to move on to step 3 Drawing!

Step 3: Drawing

Next you need to select which mirror setting you would like for instance you can have several mirrors like a flower or you can have one down the middle of a butterfly. It is up to you which one you choose. Explore and try difference ones out. Don't Worry it sound complicated but once you start drawing on the page you will see how it works! If you want you can also control the colour of your lines on the bottom hot bar! You can draw random lines or you can try and make something with more precision. In These pictures i have used the flower mirrors to make what looked like some kind of flower thing but for the second on i used the fish mirror. This is basically one mirror running throughout your drawing widthwise. I found That my second picture look a bit like some kind of human/bull thing.

This is super easy and looks amazing and you can ever make videos with this app. You just draw your picture and then hit the tape button at the bottom ( Shown in one of the pictures above). This shows all the steps of your drawing fast forwarded. You can even save this to your photos.

Well done for getting to the end of this Instructable please follow me for more drawing projects. If This is put in a contest please vote for it!