Introduction: Iphone PIR Motion Detect Shutter Modification

Step 1: How To

Part list:

- cheap iphone/android shutter from ebay ($2)

- basic NPN transistor (BC182)

- 1K resistor

- Arduino (nano)

Step 1:

Disassemble the shutter.

Step 2:

Solder two wires on the shutter pcb battery connections

Step 3:

Solder another two wires to the shutter button (key1 for android, key2 for iphone)

Step 4:

Wire the PIR sensor to the arduino:

PIR sensor GND to the arduino GND

PIR sensor 5v to the arduino 5v

PIR sensor data to the arduino D2 pin

Wire the shutter to the arduino:

Put an 1K resistor between arduino D4 pin and the transistor base.

Connect the shutter button wires to the transistor Collector and Emitter pins. (if not work, replace C E wires)

The shutter work from 3v, so connect the shutter positive to the arduino 3v3 pin,

and shutter GND to the arduino GND.

Check the pictures above

Step 5:

Upload the arduino code. (arduino code in video description)

Its a very basic code, almost same the arduino button example.

Step 6:

Pair the shutter to the phone in the Settings/Bluetooth option.


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