Introduction: Iphone- Broken Charger Socket Repair Bodge.

I was given an iphone.
It had a broken screen and was very battered.

I replaced the screen ( £6 Ebay) and it worked fine. ( Replacing the screen is easy and fun; instructions are all over the internet. )

The trouble is that thecharging socket does not engage unless it is held in with all my might, or strapped in with two zip ties ( which makes it impossible to use while charging).

This is my ten minute repair using what I had to hand . . . and it works.

Step 1: Tools.

Saw, drill and scissors.

Step 2: Materials.

Some scrap wood.
Inner tube.

Step 3: Assembly.

The pallet wood is the baseplate.
The iphone lays on this.

Batons are cut and these are the ends that hold the iphone and the charger plug together ( see 3rd photo).

Step 4: The End.

Hooray . . .
It's ugly but it works and the iphone can be used whilst charging.

The end.