Introduction: Ipod Duct-tape Case

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For this Instructable you will need some good-quality duct-tape and an ipod or other device that needs a cover. You can use any colour tape you want, even two different types. I made this cover when I got an Ipod Touch for christmas and didn't want it to get damaged. I found some red tape and improvised a cover for it. (This is my first instructable so please comment to help me with future Instructables). Sorry but i didn't take pictures of the construction process because it was spontaneous. Any images or steps that are unclear, please comment. Oh and this is my first instructable so please be kind and offer advice. 

Step 1: The Inner Lining

 The first thing to do is use the tape to cover the device. You need to make sure that the sticky side is on the outside so that it doesn't get stuck on the device. This should make a cylinder around the device. If you want to, you could get a screen cleaner or other cloth to line the inside of the tap. Although this is not what i have done you could use double sided tape and cover the device in the cloth before taping over it. 

Step 2: The Outer Layer

 Cover the cylinder in more tape so that there is no sticky side showing.

Step 3: The Bottom Part

 Cut out a strip of tape the length of the bottom of the cylinder. Cut another strip the same length but with a width that is the same as the bottom of the cylinder. Put the smaller piece along the centre of the larger strip with the sticky sides together. Put this on the bottom of the cylinder so that the exposed sticky bits are on either side of the cylinder. This will form the base and will stop the device falling out of the bottom. 

Step 4: The Top

 Almost done. Cut a piece of tape that is the same length as the width of the tape. Cut another strip and put the square piece in the centre of this piece with both sticky sides connecting. Put this piece on the case near the top/centre (using the exposed stick side to attach it). This will make a "clasp". Cut another two pieces that is long enough to go from the back of the cover, over the top and into the clasp. Attach one of these pieces to the back outside and the other on the inside, connecting the two sticky sides to create a strap. You should now be able to put the strap into the clasp and take it back out whenever you want. There should be no sticky sides showing on the cover now. 

Step 5: Last Bit

 The case is now finished. You can now use more tape to neaten it up a bit or use a second colour to make some patterns on the outside. This is extremely customizable and you can do whatever decorations you want on it. Try putting the device into the case and see weather it fits. 
Feel free to ask me any questions if this is unclear. 

Thanks for reading and I hope this works for you.