Introduction: Ipod Mouse Battery *2

Ok, looking at an other mouse mod
I had the idea for the li-ion battery recharging problem, as in with no leaks or explosions. instead of just using the iPod battery and recharging with a normal and "UNSAFE" charger for the mouse I have used a Nokia phone and battery, the mobile phone is a better option then the iPod as the iPod is a little fussy when connecting a battery and disconnecting it out of the blue, but a mobile is more responsive and in a way meant to if its dropped and falls apart. all safe!!! but both iPod battery and nokia battery are the same, both 3.7v but the iPod battery has a better A/H but its only a mouse. and please if you do try this or something like this, do your homework, li-ion batteries can be very dangerous if not used in a proper way. and I know this project is the biggest bodge in the world but it was fun to do and I like the fact it works, and works very well. last thing, Nokia, im really really sorry! ;-)

Step 1: Adding the Nokia Battery to the Mouse!

this part took some working out but I got it in the roof of the mouse, but then I had an other problem, with the transistors. so got the soldering iron out and just turned them around, so now they face down, and leaves loads of room for the battery!

see on the green board "that is upside down", the transistors are now facing down and the battery is how in the mouse housing. another problem is one of the transistors is in the way of the old battery housing at the lower part of the mouse so I cut a hole in it and it now all fits nicely. wire up the 3.7v battery to the old battery connectors and your away. the 3rd cable needs to be connected directly to the phone and not the mouse MB. (im classing the boards on the mouse the Mother Board "MB" because im not sure what its called)

Step 2: Testing the Charge Function of the Mouse

this part is to see if the mouse will charge from the mobile phone, this is done with a 4 pin atx computer PSU connector, this connector will become the 3 pin connection to the dock as it works very well.

Step 3: Adding the Way It Connects to the Dock and Putting It All Back Together.

this is the moment of truth, now we need to put the extra pin into the dock and add the new 3 pins into the mouse, "very badly done i know".

Step 4: All Done and Other Notes!!!

right, all together and still with my girlfriend!!! but for safty plaese read up on things first. make sure you know what your doing and if you do try anthing like this do it at your own risk. this is just for fun for me and if you try it and it all ends up tits up then its your problem not mine. li-ion batterys are not nice and can fuck up easy so please be carefull.

and if your girlfriend asks what its all about SHOW HER THE DOOR, mine came round and asked about it and well i got away with it. if your in this case and she leaves again dont blame me, or just do it and never bring it up!!!

thanks very much for reading and like i said it is a bodge so sorry about it all being done so badly.