Ipod Nano Pouch From an Old Leather Wallet




Introduction: Ipod Nano Pouch From an Old Leather Wallet

I recently purchased a refurb Ipod Nano 3G and wanted to protect it from scratches and dust. Unsatisified by the pouches I could find in stores (mostly because of their expensive price), I happened to have an old leather wallet that I could use to make one myself.

And so this leads to my very first instructable.

What you need :

- an old leather wallet with doomed to sacrifice, one that can give you enough fabric
- a rectangle of transparent plastic about the size of the Nano, cut from whatever packaging
- glue
- cutter with fresh new blade

Step 1: Create the Leather Wrap

1 / Cut a rectangle piece of leather that we will use to wrap it around the ipod nano. I advise to cut it larger (at least 5mm more ) than the final dimensions, so you can adjust later on by cutting the excedent fabric after trying it on the nano (you can always cut more, but you can't grow back leather if you cut too short....)

2 / Cut the rectangle window for the screen and the round hole for the touchpad. Start with the touchpad's hole (using a right-sized coin or anything that can help you cut a nice clean round hole of the right diameter), then cut the screen's window with a ruler (smaller inside at first, try it on the nano by putting the touchpad's hole right, then cut more until you're satisfied with it's size and position). The hardest part is to manage clean edges cuts...

3 / Cut a rectangle piece of transparent plastic with a round hole for the touchpad (you can soften the edges carefully with a lighter), then glue it on the inside side of the leather. Be careful with the glue so it doesn't burst out of the edges of the screen's window (at the same time, there must be enough glue so the plastic sticks right on the leather. Use a pil of books to press them together until the glue dries.

4/ When the plastic is well glued to the leather, cut the excedent leather on top and at the bottom to have clean parallel edges to the screen's window (check on the nano first how much needs to be cut). Cut the excedent leather on one side, so the edge is right in the middle of the Nano's back.
When trying to wrap it aroud the nano, be careful not to bend the zone where the plastic is so it doesn't go off the leather.

5/ wrap the leather around the Nano tight enough (to the limit of beign able to slide the nano inside). The leather must be well flat against the front and the back of the nano. Cut the excedent on the remaining side, so the Nano's well wrapped and the 2 edges join nicely together. Temporarily join them together with some scotch tape on the inside.

Step 2: Create the Cover of the Pouch

1/ cut a rectangle of leather for the cover. Once again make it bigger than needed, with a clean straight edge on top. Note : my old wallet had a well-marked fold by years of use that I took avantage of for the middle fold.

2/ use the straight edge to place the cover on the already leather-wrapped nano. Fold the cover to adjust it right then cut the excedent leather corresponding to the bottom of the nano so it matches exactly the edge of the leather wrap. Cut the excedent leather on the other side of the cover so it's parallel to the opposite edge.

3/ Cut two stripes on the back of the cover to correspond to the flat area on the back of wrapped Nano. Those stripes must not exceed the wrap's height.

4/ Glue the cover to the back of the leather wrap so it's well aligned with it's bottom. Let it dry (again, you can use books to press them together), then you can remove the scotch tape on the inside of the wrap.

5/ fold the cover and cut out the excess of leather. trim the corners a tiny bit.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

1/ cut a rectangle of leather slightly smaller than the screen' s window, and two round pieces of leather : one matching exactly the touchpad's hole so you can put it in the hole and doesn't come off easily, another with a slightly smaller diameter than the previous one). Note : depending on the leather's thickness, the smaller one may be too much... try to see it doesn't make an ugly bump when the cover's folded.

2/ glue the smaller round piece on the center of the bigger one. Let it dry a little.

3/ Put the rectangle and the round pieces on each corresponding holes of the wrapped Nano. The softer side of the leather must be facing the nano. Apply glue on those pieces still in place.

4/ fold back the cover on the front , adjust so it's well centered on the front and let it dry.

Finished !

The design can certainly be adjusted or be. Feel free to improve it as you like...

If you decide to use this instructable, let me know about the result with photos of your own creation if you can.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. being french, I'm sorry if I did some mistakes in my english translation... I'm sorry to if this instructable uses millimeters instead of inches.

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    hmm....no good. I don't want to pay, if I don't have to. I live in jersey. I need to look.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe someone will give me some scraps for free. Like someplace that works with leather.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I'd do a sick graphic. Designed by myself of course. haha. =P Do you think I could buy leather off of ebay, or use leather shoes, from a thrift store?


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    out of date? um...No, this is perfect. Not out of date at all.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Its great! .........I just bought a case two weeks ago........


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! Great job for a first Instructable! It looks like a perfect fit, nice job, very well done.