Introduction: Ipod Temporary Tape Decals

Make your own decals for ipods, laptops, virtually any flat sufaces with some packaging tape and magazine pics

make your ipod as unique on the outside as it is on the inside in this world full of sameness!!!

Step 1: Materials

-clear packaging tape
-magazine pics you would like to work with
-large bowl of sorts

Step 2: Find a Picture or Graphic

page thru your magazines (yes it has to be magazines) as find pictures of graphic you would like to have on your ipod and cut out

i like to use interesting pictures but cool graphics and animation will look just as awesome!

Step 3: Tape

take a piece of packeging tape and stick on to desired picture as smoothly as possible. This process may cause wrinkle in the paper is not done carefully. Small bubbles may be smoothed out by spreading it with you fingers towarads the edge

after the tape is on the image smoothly trim the edges with the scissors

Step 4: Soak

drop the taped picure in your bowl of water and let is sit there for at least 5 minutes

it is normal for the picture to curl up in the water

Step 5: Rubba Dub Dub

after 5 minutes the water will have loosened up the paper a bit but the ink has already been transferred to the tape. while still wet, slowly and gently rub the paper off the tape until all that it left is the tape.

make sure you get off ALL of the paper so the tape will be able to stick

let the tape image dry on a paper towel and discard the water and the pulppy leftover paper.

Step 6: Stick On

after the tape has dryed it shuld still have a bit of adhesive on it and will be able to stick on most clean flat surfaces. make sure its a little damp for best results in stickyness.

if it doesnt stick right away put a little water on the back. it should revive the adhesive and should dry once you stick it on

make sure to press hard on dont forget to smooth our any bubbles. the edges or the most important for a good stick

I put mine on my ipod mini because it fits perfectly. it also works on motorola razrs.

Step 7: Enjoy You Finished Costomized Ipod/whatever

now you have your finished product. bueatiful huh? the best part is you can change it whenever you want!!!

note that when you decide to take the tape off you ipod/flat surface it may leave some sticky gunk or transferred ink. this can be taken off with some patient rubbing with soap and a little water. Dont get it too Wet!