Introduction: Ipod Touch Charger, 100% Works

Hi All

I have a ipod touch , and i was really tired of charging the ipod by having a computer always turned on.

I wanted to make my own charger and i did and hope it will be helpfull for some of you.

I apologize my bad english :)

The idea behind this project was , make a charger for my ipod,  as cheap as possible, and maybe you using some of old parts i had and reuse them , so the cost price were as little as possible :)

I have reused a USB socket , and 5V DC adapter , and 2 resistor which are size of 150Kohm,

This is my first instruction, please enjoy it and let me know if you have comments

Thanks in advance

Step 1: Finding the Materials :)

You need an USB socket or extention

Step 2: Adapter

I had several chargers which i haven`t used in very long time , and i thought i could use this for my charger.

When you charge your ipod throug your computer, the maximum current you can get from your computer USB port is about 500mA

The adapter :DC 5V and current output is 700mA

All adapters has label , where you can read the what the output voltage and currents are. 

Step 3: Schematic & Info.

Before you can begin to solder

-You have to cut the end of the adapter , so you have adapter and a good length of the cable available.

-Since we will solder the cable from the adapter to the USB  socket  terminals , you can adjust the lenght of the wires or  
remove the wires inside the usb socket. there should be enough space to add two resistor as specified.

The USB cabel have 4 leads/ connection pins which is D-, D+ , Gnd , VDD (+5V)

Connect it as i did , and you are on safe side :)

If you only have resistors of 100K please check the second attached picture.

Step 4: Inside the Usb , With Connections

Here is my work .

The adapter was soldered to the USB socket pins with the specified two resistors of size of 150K ohm,

You may try to see if you can get it work with looser wires , after working stage , you can always do the wires shorter , and make the necessary cosmetic changes :)

Please notice, wires must not short-circuit if they are not insulated. 

Step 5: WHole Thing :)

As you can see, if looks very pro :)

You just need to power it up , and connect the Ipod touch to it :)

Step 6: Working :D

Here is the final circuit :)