Introduction: Ipod Touch Wifi Wont Connect - WEP

When your ipod wont connect to your WEP secured router.

Step 1: Connecting to the Router

You are going to need to connect to your router through a web browser such as Mozilla or IE. But first you need to find your routers IP address, this is found by looking at the status of your current internet connection at home, then click the support tab. You then need to copy the "Default Gateway's" IP address so for my case it is

Step 2: Finding Wifi Key

You will then need to login to your router using you default or preset password. Once logged in you will need to navigate to the Security option or something along those lines. When in Security you will need to search for the security mode (should have options of WEP, WPA etc). Select the WEP option. Then you will be prompted for a passphrase then click generate, once input 13 pairs of hex digits should appear, take note of these digits or directly input onto ipod. you will need to put in EVERY digit WITHOUT spaces.

For My Example its AB868A665DCF959FD6B473AD67.

Step 3: Complete

Hopefully you should be Connected :)
Pm me if any more issues =]