Introduction: Ipod Speaker

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this is a simple just about free way to make an easy ipod speaker i spent just about no money on this considering everything i used was household so enjoy my first instructable

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

-basic electronic XP
-Soldering iron (optional)
-solder (again, optional)
-electrical tape (depends, if you dont have soldering stuff you'll need this)
-wire strippers (important)
-wire cutters (again, important)

-speaker (i took mine from an old amp)
-wires (most speakers come with this)
-a two way male jack wire (needs to fit in Mp3)if you dont have one they cost about $5

Step 2: First

first if the wires are not already connected to the speaker you have to do so. (mental note i used a soldering kit not tape)
and like i said wires should already be connected

Step 3: Step Two!

cut the two ended jack in half, then strip the half you want to use.
move the outer silverish wire parts out of the way and you should see 2 smaller wires black and red. strip these and then connect them to the corresponding wires on the speaker.

Step 4: Finish Her Up ... or Him ... or It

make sure everything is secure then plug your MP3 and see if it works.
then after that you can do cool things with it like stitch it into a backpack or something.

plug in, jam out, have fun, ... thanks for reading my first instructable hope everything goes well with your new speaker!!!!!!