Introduction: Ipod Touch Speaker Dock

i took an old speaker a two way male headphone jack and a cacet case.

Step 1: Materials

speaker with speaker wire keep in mind an ipod cant run a huge speaker.
caset case for dock(optional)
two way male head phone jack
duct tape
hot glue and hot glue gun

Step 2: Wiring

make shure black is on the biggest part of the head phone jack and that red is on the end on the smallest part...... then put duct tape on the wire to hold in place.

bundle up the wires nicley and then use a twist tie that came on the back or tape down on the back of the speaker.

ALL shown below.

Step 3: Dock

run a bead of hot glue down the side of the caset case on the top of the speaker or where ever you want you dock your ipod.

Step 4: Plug and Play

Now just plug in and then play your music and have fun this dosent get very loud so have fun with it message me if you need help!

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