Introduction: Ir Remote Camera Shutter for Android Phone

For you're like photo selfie, definitely should have a tool that could make it easier to take foto.there are some tools that can be used which can be purchased at amazon(or other online shop).you can choose between taking the cable connected headset or connected with i make which can be operated by ir remote with connected them on headset.

Step 1: Things You Need

BD140 or any pnp transistor should be work
BD139 or any npn transistor should be work
Resistor 10K 2 pieces, a 220 ohm,a 2.2k ohm
2.2uF/16volt capasitor
3mm led
Battery cr 2025
Headphone jack
Soldering iron

Step 2: Schematic

Step 3: Test

You see how it action on this video