Introduction: Ir Remote Controlled Home Applicatin Project With Fan Regulator

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This project for those who have culture with arduino and projects,not for noob's

i made this as a project but i am using this for production purpose too...

for this cause i can't share all complete sketch...

Step 1: Gathering Everything...

let's gather some parts

arduino atmega168 or better

breadboard or vero board(if u wanna make it permanent)

7segment display (common cathode) for display regulator position

resistor... 1k,10k etc

cap 470/16, 104p ,22p etc

crystl 16Mhz


relay driver (as per quantity of relay, 8max)

triacbt134 or bt136 (as per load)


a push switch to reset

opto ldr (this is hand made , i will show you how to make it)

a working power supply (12v 2amp recomended for smooth relay driving)

ir sensor....any type will work (big one is preferrable for better recepsion)

remote (any standard remote will work, but you have to findout its hex or dec code for put it in our sketch)

led's (optonal)

Step 2: Lets Start...

lets assemble the circuit

connect the relay with driver

i will upload the circuit diagram later

you can use serease of leds instead of 7 segment display but there is changes in our sketch for this changes

for make the opt ldr you can take small led and ldr (it's better to use a small red led instead of use any other color)

you can use a shrink tube to make the opto-led(atleast i name it like that)

we did not use any zero crossing circuit to make it cheaper and reduce the sketch size and also make it easy to understand

Step 3: Lets Finish...

this is a very stright forward instructable ...

so if anyone hav any query then they can msg me ....

i cannot give the 100% ready sketch or code , instead of it i can help to built it

but i can give the circuit as well

Step 4: That's All for Now

again , if you have any question please don't hesitate ...

my fb id is

i 'll add my fb page later

i 'm a part time hobbiest and this project is for education purpose only...

Step 5: Schematic Diagrams

I uploaded a test program and also a schemetc diagram...

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