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Introduction: Iris Paper Folding

This Is a Red/pink Iris Paper Fold Heart that goes along well with Valentines Day! I'm 11 years old and have successfully taught my 7 year old sister how to make these. If you would like to find free patterns go to 
Things you are going to need...

1. Origami Paper {You can get paper at Michals}
2. Exato Knife
3. Cutting bored 
4. Pattern {you can get the at the website above}
4. tape 
5. Sicciors
6. Painters Tape
7. pencial
8. Iris Paper {something shiny, tin foil, wraping paper exc.}
When you pick out your origami paper make sure it is square shape! 

1. cut your origami paper into 3 pices.
2. take 1 of the pices and fold in half  (Fold Hot-dog way) than do the same to the rest of the pices
3. Tape your Pattern down to the table {with the painters tape}
4. Take a pice of cumputer paper and lay on top, tape the paper down with painters tape.
5. Un tape the paper you just traced and put it on the cutting bored and get your exato knife and cut out the shape.
6. Now after you have cut the shape out tape it back onto the the pattern so you can see the numbers on the pattern
7. Take your origami paper and make sure it is folded in half
8. Find number one on the pattern and put a pice of paper on it and make sure the folded edge is facing you.
9. Tape it down and do it untill you get to the middle of the pattern it will say either Iris or nothing
10. Tape the shiny paper down
11. untape the paper and flip it over! 
12. Enjoy!

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