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With Saint Patrick's Day being a couple days ago (I tried to get it out before but, oh well) I wanted to make an adorable St. Patrick's Day plush. One of my favorite things about St. Patrick's day is the Irish Potatoes that we make. Irish Potatoes are a candy that are coconut, cream cheese, sugar, and butter mixed together and shaped into balls. Then, the balls are rolled in cinnamon. It is amazing and if you haven't made them before, I would recommend making them next year at St. Patrick's day. Anyway, I made an adorable little Irish Potato! It is fairly simple to do, as you only really need to know how to do a running stitch, and is even more simple if you just make a regular potato. Let's get started.


All the things you need are things you can probably find around your house:

*A Brown Sock

*Orange and Black Felt

*Orange, Brown, and Black Thread




*Possibly a Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Potato Face

Start out by taking your brown sock and cut it about six inches down from the toe. Then, take your black felt and cut out three black circles, one being larger than the other two. Then, take the larger circle, and cut off a sliver to make a mouth shape. Then, stitch them on the sock close to the toe. Now, you have a face. If you want to, you can cut out pieces of felt in odd oval/circle shapes and stitch them on the side of the potato.

Step 2: Finishing the Potato Body

Then, stuff the sock. Sew a running stich along the outside of the potato bottom (where you cut it), pulling it tight every 0.5 in along or so. When you have sewn the entire lenght of the bottom, pull the thread tight. This is called the gathering stitch. If needed, do a couple of stitchs across the bottom to close the bottom. Tie it off. Now, you have finished with your potato! Now, we need to make him Irish!

Step 3: Giving Him Hair & Freckles

Cut out a piece of orange felt into a shape similar to mine. This is gonna be his hair. Sew it on to the top of his head. Then, cut out 6 little tiny circles of orange felt for the freckles. I tried to sew these on, but it was too hard so I had to use my hot-glue gun. If you are able to sew it on, they will probably stay longer. We are almost finished with him!

Step 4: Giving Him Acessories

I found this adorable little green bow with clovers on it, so I took it and decided to make him a little bowtie. I attached a piece of elastic so that it could come off and on. You can make it permanent if you want, but I decided not to. If you have green felt, bows, flowers, whatever, you can probably make him (or her) a bowtie, a bow, a little clover to hold, whatever you want to make your little Irish Potato look a little more like a leprechaun. If you would want to you could even make yours a little green top hat!

Step 5: All Done!

And that's all you need to make an Irish potato! I hope you all enjoyed and if you did, please vote for my Instructable. If you made this project, please put a picture of yours in the "I Made It" section. I would love to see your Irish (or even just regular) potatoes! Have fun crafting!

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    Ronna Farley
    Ronna Farley

    7 months ago

    He is very cute!!!


    Reply 7 months ago

    Thank you!