Iron Man Arc Reactor



Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor

Hello everybody! Today, I'm going to show you how to make an arc reactor replica form Iron Man! Let's get right in to it!

Step 1: Parts

For the replica, you will need:

  1. Trinket 3/5v micorcontroller
  2. 3.7v lipo battery
  3. Neopixel 12 LED Ring
  4. Jumpers
  5. Magnet Wire
  6. Elastic Chest band
  7. Zip ties
  8. Screws+nuts (3)
  9. 3D printer w/ translucent filament

Step 2: Printing Parts

Remember to slice these files before printing. These files were designed try Thingivere user MishaT. Follow the directions below and once you have your parts, on to assembly!

**Note-Only print Top_V2 to 50%**


Upload these files into your SD card or upload them to your printer. Keep that print time in mind when scaling the files up or down. Load the new g code files into your 3D printer (I use a PRUSA is MK2, so I just put the files onto a SD card, but if you have a wireless printer, just upload the files wirelessly). Start the print and you are done.


First, Choose the printing service you want to use. I recommend that you use 3D hubs, since their file sharing system is very easy to use. Upload the files and chose the hub you want to use. The hubs also give you the option of filament you want to use. Most filaments would be fine for this project, just use common sense when choosing. For example, printing this crossbow in a super flexible filament would not be that great of an idea, since the functionality of a crossbow is based on having a tense frame. The site will guide you through payment and the hub will give you an estimated delivery date as well

Step 3: Assembly

  1. Take out your Neopixel ring and attach jumper to the GND, PWR and Data IN pins of said ring. Run those jumpers through the center of the ring.
  2. Now place the ring on top of Ring 2.
  3. Screw Ring 1 onto Ring 2, making sure to securely sandwich the neopixel ring in between.
  4. Take out the "Top" part. Wrap your magnet wire around the depressed areas of the "Top".
  5. Zip tie the finished "top" to Ring 1.

That's it for the arc reactor, now for the circuitry!

Step 4: Circuitry

  1. Connect the 5v pin of the Trinket to the Pwr pin of the Ring.
  2. Connect the Data IN pin of the ring to pin #1 of the Trinket.
  3. Take out your battery and insert jumpers in to the female connectors.
  4. Wire the Positive lead of the battery to the BAT port of the Trinket.
  5. Clip the GND jumper of the ring to the GND lead of the battery. Make sure to leave enough room to clip the battery's jumper to the GND port of the Trinket.

That's it for the circuitry! On to the code!

Step 5: Code

Here's the code! Follow the Adafruit Trinket Upload Guide if you don't already know how to upload already. That's pretty much it for this project. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Making!


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