Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor

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Let's make your own Iron Man Arc Reactor from ceiling LED light and some other common materials. Easy to make.

Step 1: Materials

  1. Ceiling LED Light.
  2. DVD Cover
  3. Copper Wire
  4. Ring
  5. Netting fabric
  6. LED's
  7. AAA Battery
  8. Wires
  9. Hot Glue Gun
  10. UHU Glue (All Purpose Adhesive)
  11. Double Sided Tape
  12. Saw
  13. Cutter
  14. Scissor
  15. Ice Cream Sticks
  16. Compass Tool
  17. File Tool

Step 2: Structure Making

  1. Open the Ceiling LED.
  2. Cut the white circle of ceiling LED light.
  3. Use the File tool and Sandpaper to make edges smooth.
  4. Remove the ceiling holder (Orange thing) with wire cutter.
  5. Remove the LEDS panel from inside. (they need 12 volts to light up. 12 volts batter have larger size, it does not fit inside that).
  6. Fill the small (bolts) holes with tape so that the light does not escape from them.

Step 3: Making the Light

  1. Take the six small LEDs.
  2. Take a piece of chart paper.
  3. Make nine holes in it. (see picture)
  4. Put LED legs in it. Negative leg (small leg) should be in black hole and Positive leg (long leg) should be in red hole.(see pic).
  5. Take two pieces of wire, wrap that around all negative legs to make them connect together. And separately second piece of wire wrap around all positive legs of LEDs to connect each other.
  6. Take two more piece of wire and one wrap with negative side and second one with positive side. Now you have two ends of wire one is negative and other is positive.
  7. Take two AAA size batteries, put them together one size of battery should be opposite to other (one side is positive and other is negative side by side ). Bind them with tape.
  8. Take piece of wire and put it on one side of batteries and put tape to make it fix. Now the battery become 3 volts. (1.5 + 1.5)
  9. Take other two piece of wire and flip the batteries. One wire connect with one battery positive side and second wire to other battery negative side. Now connect that two wire with LED's two wires (make sure the positive wire of battery connect with positive wire of LED and same for the negative wire.
  10. The LEDs must be light up.
  11. Now stick double sided tape on Battery and LED.
  12. Pass the two LED wires through hole from structure panel then firstly place battery in structure panel then LEDs.

Step 4:

  1. Make a circle on DVD cover. Cut it finely.
  2. Put ring in its middle and mark then cut the middle.
  3. Mark 12 dots at equal distance around all ring and make hole with the help of paper cutter and small round file tool.
  4. Put all purpose glue on ring and stick on netting fabric. Cut the fabric around the ring using scissor.
  5. Put all purpose glue on plastic circle (which we made from DVD) and place ring in middle of plastic circle.
  6. Stick double sided tape behind some part of plastic circle and stick on structure.
  7. Take ice cream stick,make its one side black with marker so the light contrast does not reflect.
  8. Stick double sided tape on other side of stick. Mark half inch of portions after some distance. Then wrap wire on that portion. Make another one.
  9. Cut that portions. Put hot glue on one side and place it on structure. Do it for all 8 pieces.

Step 5: Watch the Video to See How This Made.

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