Iron Man Arc Reactor- CHEAPEST, EASIEST, and FASTEST (30 Min or Less)

Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor- CHEAPEST, EASIEST, and FASTEST (30 Min or Less)

If you dont have or want to paint then this project will take less then 30 minutes. list of parts and pieces: suspenders (style, color, size doesn't matter as long as they fit you), puck light (bought a 3-pack at Harbor Freight tool for $16), paint (if desired, lights I bought were white wanted them silver), small bolt with nut and 1 washer.

Step 1: Screwing the Light to the Suspenders

I used an exacto knife to cut the hole for the bolt once I got the location in the center of my breast bone (sternum). I had the suspenders that have the clip not the button on ones. Attach the back then cross the front one then clip on to pants (crossing over gives you a place to attach the light.
The back of the puck light comes off so you can screw them to the surface they are normally attached to . I put a small bolt through the hole in the back of the suspenders with a washer on it so I dont pull the screw through when I tighten it up. I had to grind my bolt down a little to clear the batteries when it snaps back together. Here is a shot of the back of the suspenders.

Step 2: Front Side of Back Piece

This a shot of the inside of back cover. I didn't use a washer on this side cause it doesn't need one. IMPORTANT: make sure bolt is short enough to clear batteries!!!

Step 3: Put on Over Under Shirt

I put this on over a shirt so the suspenders would rub me raw (what kind of sissy super hero.......)

Step 4: Final Step!!

Put a darker shirt on over the suspenders so the suspenders wont show. Mine were dark suspenders so the showed under a white t-shirt. With just the back part of the light on find the center of the bolt. cut a small slit in the shirt up then a small slit down. REMEMBER: you can make a cut bigger but you can t make it smaller.......dont make to big of a cut. You want the slit to be just big enough for the back to be able to come through. MAKE SURE THE LIGHT IS CENTERED IN CHEST BEFORE MAKING CUT. Get back of light through shirt then reattach the light part to it.
BOOM DONE! Very quick and very sic costume for a Tony Stark wanna be! Now shave your goatee like his and your ready!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    maybe you should consider a tcover for the light, making it more realistic.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    cool man what kind of light was it was it a tap light or what kind


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    yes tap lights are good and commonly used for this kinda stuf f


    if you want to make it more realistic you can just put it in the shirt like it was in the movie and it would shine through