Introduction: Iron Man Arm Prototype

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Sorry for the lack of information on how to build this, but I hope you like it! I didnt design it well but the function is more important! But I was inspired by Chein who created the "Iron Man Inspired Repulsor Beam Blaster v.1":

Although the function of his arm does not match mine, his instructable has inspired and shown me that it is possible to make something as cool as this! Thanks!

Step 1: Make the Moving Arm Piece

You need to improvise with this part, I used lego pieces and made it so that the pieces shift, going up to the right, and down to the left. It will depend on how big you want it.

Step 2: Assemble the Arm Piece

Use a paper clip as the hinge to the servo and the arm piece, making the servo move up and down. You can use several methods but I cut a bigger hole on one piece of the lego hinge, and then I assembled everything. The arm brace I'm using is the base a built, out of sheet metal and scrap metal from old computer parts.

Step 3: Add Lasers!

Disassemble and glue three laser pointers together and solder wires as shown. Then attach the lasers to the arm piece. I used a 9 volt battery and a switch to power the lasers.

Step 4: Control the Arm Piece!

Use a microcontroller (I'm using an arduino uno), to program the servo to move. Here is how to build the circuit step by step:

After testing things out on a breadboard, solder it on perfboard. The palm repulsor is optional, but I made mine out of a computer harddrive motor, and added LEDs with a sky blue film for the light. I used the 5 volt pin and ground pin of the arduino to power this.


sorry I should've added more pictures but its really simple. One refillable lighter acts as the igniter while the other acts as the fuel. Just loosen the knob for the fuel lighter to increase the flame size! Then attach to the arm brace.

Step 6:

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