Introduction: Iron Man Casemod

This is a job I have done a few years, in 2012.

It is a computer + animatronic Iron Man.

Briefly explaining it :
Beginning in Phase

1 , Pepakura

2. Phase , planning robotics

3. Phase , assembly.

Step 1: Pepakura

Search much on the parts that make up the persoangem and then print and start the process of remembering , folding and gluing , at this moment are just individual parts of the character.

This image illustrates this well .

The Pepakura is not complex , as it seems , I recommend that test , play with it , for example by the Iron Man helmet.
To download the application " Pepakura " and the Iron Man helmet. I recommend this experience .

After the parts ready on paper , I spent the same by a hardening process, ie for " action doll " I need the parts were SOLID , and this applied on the paper, laminating resin ( but without the fiber) only the resin layers 2 to enduirecer the paper basis weight was 180, to a new more rigid condition , and then applied internally fiberglass.

At the end of this process I had several separate and rigid parts that made up the full armor of Iron Man.

At that moment I had to define what would be the position he was , so he could assemble a skeleton with PVC pipe and fix the pieces on this skeleton.

At the end of this phase (long ) I was with him mounted and standing , waiting to enter the robotics .

Step 2: Robotics Iron Man

At the end of this phase (long ) I was with him mounted and standing , waiting to enter the robotics.

When we think of robotics in general it seems to lay something difficult. Well I will try to explain here , in a way that can break this interpretation .
When we started in Robotica , or even new models of microcontroller ( Arduino / RaspPi , etc. ) usually the first things testamso are LEDs and servo motors .

Or Be lit and erase Leds , and we move servomotors in variable from 0 ° to 180 °.

In robotics Iron Man , I just use these concepts : Leds (access / Off ) and servomotor 0/180 .

However Each time I turn led the Arduino and send light , within the Iron Man , has a function : eyes ; Ark1 / ark2 Repulsor1 , Repulsor2

servomotors : Helmet, Calves

This photo is what I call bench test, where testo everything will work within the Iron Man , but testo it on the table.

The play got 1,84m size , my height , and the internal robotics it is made with Arduino , some more boards Relays, use Tape Led a photographic camera disassembled so it triggers the flash hand , apart from the fact it light .
Helmet opens and closes , most movements of the calf.

Iron man in the trunk , the hardware is as much computer as Arduino .

And of his hands seem to be picking up the cables actually are where they leave.

To conputador cooling system , I capituro cold air by calves and throw myself into the Iron Man , which at the waist has two other major Coolers 120mm driving this cold air ( heavy) that was captured . Coming to make a good thermal difference within the Iron Man trunk. And the exhaustion is due to a ventilation in Flight Flaps .

If someone want to know more , please let me know !
Thank you all.