Introduction: Iron Man Helmet Build

Hello Everyone, Thank you so much for checking out my very first instructable on how to make an Iron Man Mark 3 Helmet. I am using paper to make this and then I will be using fiberglass and fiberglass resin to harden the helmet. You will need to download Pepakura Viewer 3 from their website, sorry I do not have any specific links. After that you can download many different Helmets or Masks from Lets get started...

Step 1: Print Out Templates on Card Stock or Thick Paper and Start Cutting

Once you have downloaded your template, open them up in Pepakura Viewer an simply print them. Make sure you print them in the correct mode whether it is landscape or portrait. Once you have printed them up, start cutting away since you have a lot of it to do. 

Step 2: Start Gluing/Taping All the Pieces Together

Once you have all the pieces cut out, start gluing or taping them together. I prefer gluing them because it makes a better and cleaner finish. This part does not take AS long as the cutting out, but if you take your time, which I recommend, it will take quite a while. for myself, it took about 6 hours of gluing. Congrats! You have finished the most important part of this whole project. if you would like to, you can just stop here, but i recommend that you continue to the fiberglass just to make this helmet 100% better.

Step 3: Fiberglass Resin

After you have assembled the helmet, its time to fiberglass resin it. but if you are like me, you'll be wearing it around for a little while. now back to the fiberglass resin, i used bondo brand resin and hardener. You can get a bondo fiberglass repair kit at your local walmart for about $20. Just follow the instructions on the bondo bottle on how to use it. Apply 3 coats of the resin on the outside of the helmet and let it rest over night.

Step 4: Fiberglass

Congratulations! You have just made it to the last step of this instructable. Now you will want to gather your fiberglass cloth and begin to apply it to the INSIDE of the helmet. If you apply it on the outside, the helmet will look like garbage instead of looking like Iron Man. Apply 3 layers of fiberglass cloth throughout the whole helmet, and apply a 4th layer to the edge of the helmet for a stronger hold. Once you have applied all the layers, let the helmet sit over night. Congratulations, you have just finished your Iron Man helmet. I will be posting more Instuctables on this helmet as I am going for a complete Iron Man helmet. I will be sanding it and adding all the details and eventually ill cast the helmet. Thank you all for looking at my instructable. 

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