Introduction: Iron Man Suit!!!!

This is a DIY suit, that you can make anywhere, which is eco-friendly since it uses only chat paper and waste boxes, this suit is very easy to build and also easy to wear and remove. You can walk with no trouble at all. the steps are given below, hope you liked my suit!!!!!

Step 1: Step-1 Boxes!!!

1. In this first step you have to have 1 big box, approximately, the size of your chest to waist.

2. The second box is one that fits your head

3. One that fits your arm

4. just a cardboard piece that acts as a shield

As you can see in the pictures that, the boxes fit me. these are the final version with the chart paper on.

Step 2: Next: Cutting the Boxes

1. first take your big box and cut them from the top and bottom sides so that your body fits in them.

2. Next take the sides and cut a small part that your hands will come out.

3. Now you have to take the box that will come on your head and cut out the places that your eyes will come out from.

4.Take the box that will come one of your hands and cut out pieces which will let your hands go through it.

Step 3: The Last Step, Decorations!!!!

1. You can really just chose any type of paper but I chose yellow and red so that it gives iron man vibes.

2. Next after selecting your paper you can stick it by using gum, glue tape, etc. I used gum so that the paper does not fall.

3. You can draw your own arc reactor but here I used a printout out of the arc reactor from the mark 75.

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