Introduction: Iron Man's Wearable Arc Reactor Built in Just 30 Minutes!

Hello friends, I am sharing my experience on how did I built a very effective Iron Man Arc Reactor just in 30 minutes for The Super Hero's theme event at my office. I built this wearable just for showcase. It only lightens up to give look & feel of an arc reactor. I acted as Tony Stark in the event.

You will find a number of tutorials/instructables on "How to build an Arc Reactor" but believe me I am gonna tell you the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to create it. Just hang on..

Step 1: This Is All What You Need!

Material Required:

1. USB Led Reading Light.

2. Basic Craft Material like scissor, tape, gum, paper cutter, transparent plastic sheet material

3. Small rectangular cardboard

4. Silver gift wrapper

5. 1 round shaped plastic top cover (lid)

6. Small and handy Power Bank

7. Id card band (to make it wearable)

Step 2: Designing and Crafting

1. Take a small cardboard piece (half the size of A4 sheet) and draw a circle with pencil using any reference object

(I used a round bowl lid). This will be the arc reactor. Use the cutter/scissor to cut the design in round shape over the markings.

2. Draw an inner circle (smaller one) as shown in the picture. I used water bottle cap to mark it. Cut the inner circle region and remove it.

3. Make 6 small holes evenly at same distance from each other as shown in the picture.

4. That's it, the design is ready!.

5. Now the you need a placeholder for your arc reactor. I used a tape holder for this, It will act as base to the arc reactor. The placeholder should be smaller in size than the main reactor. Use gum to paste the placeholder at the back of the cardboard design which you just created.

6. Use the Id card band, wrap it around the placeholder and hook it inside the placeholder as shown in the picture to make your arc reactor a wearable. This completes the crafting.

Step 3: Assembling

As I mentioned earlier, this wearable is just for showcase. It only lightens up to give look & feel of an arc reactor.

1. To make it glow, you need a USB Led Reading light. It is very cheap and powerful source.

2. Make a small cut in the placeholder & place the led light so that it fits and should not displace. Refer to the pictures.

3. Add some transparent plastic sheet to fill the space and cover the back with silver shiny gift wrapper to give more glowing effect.

4. Now place the round shaped plastic top cover (lid) at the back and tape it.

Step 4: Test & Showcase

Your Arc Reactor is ready. Test it & see if it is working fine or not. Wear it and position it inside your T-shirt. Try to wear it under black thin cotton t-shirt to get maximum effect.

Plug it in the USB power bank and light it up!!! Remember, the powerbank should be small and handy, it should easily hide inside your T-shirt and should not fall. (I used a belt to fixed it)

Wear on some cool shades and Rock the stage as Tony Stark!