Introduction: Iron Pipe Shoe Rack

First project at the new house completed!

Step 1: Empty Space!

Lot's of open space under the staircase?
Time to get busy!

Step 2: Dimensions & Layout

The first step was to measure the closet space: each wall length and angles.
Next I found it helpful to outline a layout with masking tape to help visualize the final product.

Step 3:

All connectors/pipes/flanges are available @ Lowe's.  Black iron pieces are cheaper than galvanized ones, but you will need to clean them of oil to prep for paint (household vinegar works well).

Step 4: Spray Paint Time!

2 coats for each part was plenty.

Step 5: I Can't Control My OCD

Sort of like lego pieces, no?

Step 6: Shelves

Pre-cut, 1x8x8 pine.
Sanded to get rid of any imperfections.
2 coats of wood stain, brushed on.
2 coats of satin top coat, sprayed on.

Step 7: Assembly & Installation

Yep, everything fits.

Step 8: Done and Done

Shoes live here...