Introduction: Iron Turn Off Reminder

  • hi all members and hobbyist .the main character of all of this story is my day morning she did ironing her office dress and suddenly leave home for and my daughter went to my moms house at the same the evening we all came to home.but for me the situation in side the home is very is very hot in side. when i look at our living room i noticed the iron is still on.all day long..... fortunately there are no clothes nearby.but the iron table looks almost colored black near is in standing position on the our home there are no smoke detectors or fire detectors.luckily the house did not catch on fire.but the electric bill went to sky the recent month.oh after few days i make this ckt.its been 4 month now but the beep sound and bright led light tells us the iron is can apply this ckt for any equipment that needs attention.

Step 1: Whats Going On

  • this is a small circuit.but the operating voltage is be careful all.the author does not take any responsibility's about any accident while ur working or after experience the product. this ckt can use all both major two voltages.(110 to 230vac) in my case it is 230vac.first the ac voltage pass 1ohm act as a fuse.then 220kohm limits the high voltage across ckt.then pass the capacitor.capacitor charge a little bit for this first the end the 4007 diode act as regulator.the next wave form never go throw the ckt because the reverse bias of diode.after 35 seconds the capacitor voltage charge up to this point the diac forward bias and drops the capacitor voltage to 30v.the forward bias voltage then goes to LED and BUZZER.the 1kohm resister act as a current limiter for led.this cycle repeats until the main voltage available.when the voltage apples DO NOT TOUCH ANY COMPONENT BECAUSE THIS CKT IS NOT ISOLATE FROM MAIN LINE.

Step 2: What U Need Is


1. DC BUZZER ( de sold form broken ups/dvr/power supply etc...)

2. LED

3. IN 4007 DIODE(from old phone charger/ps/cfl light/any etc...)

4. 1kohm RESISTER(any electronic ckt)

5. 220kohm RESISTER(any elec ckt)

6. 1ohm RESISTER(any elec ckt)

7. DB3 DIAC or similar (old fan dimmer ckt)

8. 470uf CAPACITOR( any old ckt)

9. DOT BOARD (1inch* 1inch)


all tools shown in photos.

Step 3: Lets Starts

  • this ckt is very small.if you r a genius u can make this ckt in very small scale.but the voltage is you must keep the distance between paths.keep sharp eye on every time u my iron i had plenty of space in side.for led and the buzzer we need two holes. the ckt must not i added the hot glue to keep in place.the ckt does not produce any heat.there are no heating don't be worry 4 that.after installation make sure everything is OK.

Step 4: Works...

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