Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor

This instructable will teach you how to make a cheap 3" iron man arc reactor mark 4 prop for a costume

Step 1: Creating the Face Pieces

This is the trickiest part because it requires patience and proper measurements (on your part). this is creating the face of the arc reactor. the face consists of 5 pieces; the large triangle, the smaller triangle(fits inside of the larger triangle), and the three "v" shaped pieces(that fit under the larger triangle).

       i used Tupperware lids to make the cutouts. In order to get the larger and smaller triangles i went to google images and searched "perfect triangle" and then printed out the proper size triangle for the 3" arc reactor.

i was careful that the larger triangle fit perfectly into a 3" circle. and the smaller triangle fit in the middle of the larger triangle.

       i cut out these parts with an xacto knife. i found that the "v's" were the hardest part. i have given pictures of my templates. it's up to you to decide on the measurements of the pieces.

once you have the pieces cut out you will need to sand them down and paint them. i used metallic silver krylon spraypaint.

Step 2: Lights!

I used a 24 led light strip blue(bought on ebay for  $7.49), a 12v dc battery pack(bought at radio shack $3.99), and a 9v battery adapter(optional, also radio shack $3.49).

i used basic skills to wire everything.(its pretty much plug n' play) 

Step 3: Outer Casing!

There are a wide range of casings you can use to finish this project but i found a very simple, if not the simplest way to do it.

i bought a piece of pvc piping called a 3" bushing. IT HAS TO LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE IN THE PICTURE in order for it to work!
and i bought a 3" pvc traansparent cap. (both were bought at lowes $6.00)

i Dremeled the edges of the clear pvc cap down until it fit snug down into the 3" bushing then i glued it in place.

then i took the bushing and trimmed it down(with respect to the internals you're about to install.)

Step 4: Putting It All Together!

Now its time to put everything together. the face is simple just copy what i did in the pictures in terms of positioning an gluing.
NOTE: the larger triangle is glued onto the bushing while the other face parts are glued onto the transparent pvc cap.

now for the internals. position your led strip on the inside any way you like. i wanted my light focused in the center so i wrapped the led strip in a tight circle and taped it together with clear tape. then positioned it in the center

to diffuse the light and hold the led strip in place i injected clear silicone caulk all around the led strip.

once the glue and silicone has dried, you have yourself an impressive looking arc reactor prop.

i hope that this instruactable  has answered all of your questions. if you are having any trouble, or i did not give enough advice please feel free to ask any question you may have.

Thank you :)

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