Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor

Building this iron man arc reactor is very simple and cheap. 

Step one is to gather supplies. (I do go over where to get the supplies and how much they cost appx. in video)


*Sink drain
*Clear tube
*Electrical tape
*Copper wire
*Super glue or hot glue
*Hole puncher

Once you have the the materials then you can get started.

+First take the sink drain and glue to strainer to the back of the drain. Wait for glue to dry.

+Then place LED's and glue inside the sink drain.

+Then take tubing measure to fit inside the sink drain

+Cut tube then hot glue to make circle (wait to dry)

+Then place electrical tape around tubing even length apart.

+Wrap the copper wire around each piece of electrical tape. Then glue back to hold in place.

+Place completed tubing,tape,wire inside drain glue in place.

+Take cardboard using a compass make a cirlcle to fit your sink drain, then cut.

+Use hole puncher to make holes in circle piece of cardboard.

+Glue cardboard down.

Let dry and then place for your friends to see. Thanks for watching...!