Introduction: IronMan Helmet

Hi there,

This is the progress on my Iron Man Helmet build. I'm planning on building the whole suit.

You can build one easily at home and with just some supplies you can get at your local hardware store.

Want to start building yourself? The package I have used is FREE for download on my website.

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Step 1: Print the Templates With Pepakura Designer and Cut Out

All you need is

- a printer

- some cardstock or other thick kind of paper

- scissors or a knife

Step 2: Glue Everything Together

Glue all flaps by corresponding number with some hot-glue or superglue.

Step 3: Apply Resin and Fiberglass

Brush on some resin on the in- and out-side.

Then tap in your fiberglass with some resin.

Step 4: Apply Glass Fiber Filler and Putty

Remove all the rough edges on the inside and filled the holes with some resin.

Sand the outside surface so the glass fiber putty would better stick.

Sand the whole thing over and applied the polyester putty.

(more foto's to come...)

Step 5: Spray Putty and Detailing

A little bit more sanding after putting on the spray putty.

Carved in all details with a Dremel tool

Step 6: Painting

Spraying on some paint. Started with the red. The gold colour second and a few layers of clearcoat to finish it up.