Introduction: Ironman

Things you'll need:

Card stock
Pepakura viewer/designer
5mm plastazote/EVA foam
Knife and a load of blades
Glue gun and glue sticks
Buckle clips
White LED's
PVA glue
Red and gold paint
Clear lacquer
And a shit load of patience :)

Step 1:

Print off pep file on to the card stock and then I cut out the templates from the card stock. I then cut those templates into the plastazote foam one piece at a time, sometimes doing more if possible ( it all depends on curves, depths, angles etc.

Step 2: The Helmet

When all pieces I foam are cut out, I took my glue gun and started to glue the corresponding together, only gluing one side

Step 3:

When everything is glued I then covered the foam with PVA glue. A few coats 3 or 4 will do. Waterproof the lot of it

Step 4:

More to come soon
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