Introduction: Ironman's ArcReactor - Gauntlet: Light Controlling System

We have made a gauntlet and a laser repulsor. Our design is inspired by the one that Iron Man uses, and we have tried to replicate the design. We are calling this Gauntlet-repulsor combination as the “Iron Man’s glove”.

Apart from having a nice visual effect, this glove can be used to control the lights. In this instructable article, we have explained how to make this gauntlet, laser repulsor, and also the lights which can be controlled. There’s quite a bit of 3D printing and laser-cutting involved. Basic knowledge of electronics and circuits is enough understand this article easily. We have also provided the code for programming the circuits and the lights.

Step 1: Components Required

Breadboards - 2

  1. Sparkfun Triple-Axis Accelerometer
  2. RGB LED Strip:
  4. NeoPixel Ring :
  5. Clear Cast Acrylic - 1 Sheets
  6. Particle Photon - 2
  7. 5V Adapter 3.7V Li-Ion Poly rechargeable battery
  8. Soft Ply Wood - 2 Sheets
  9. Connecting Wires.

Step 2: Making the Laser Repulsor

1. Solder 3 wires to the back of the NeoPixel ring: 1 for each Power, Data, and Ground

2. 3D print the holder for the NeoPixel ring

3. Design a pattern for the repulsor and laser-cut it on a clear acrylic sheet. Stick this pattern on top of the holder with the NeoPixel ring inside it. Your apparatus must look like now.

Step 3: Making the Gauntlet

1. Connect the accelerometer. Flash the code and check if you are able to get any data via serial.

2. Once you can read data from the accelerometer, try to publish the data via particle cloud. Your apparatus must look like.

3. Connect the 3.7V battery to the breadboard so that it can function as an independent unit

4. Make a 3D model of a gauntlet for this accelerometer circuitry to sit inside. Design it in such a way that it sits snuggly on the back of your palm. We have made a small box with ridges on top. The box cover was ridged like - Refer pictures. We wanted it to look like a mini-missile blaster that comes out of Iron Man’s Gauntlet!

5. Once you have this gauntlet ready with all the circuits, plug in the laser repulsor to the front so that it drops to the center of the palm. Tie the laser repulsor to the box using strings so that it doesn’t fall off. Program the NeoPixel to work according to the changes made to the accelerometer

Refer the code here:

Step 4: Making the Display Lights

1. Laser cut and etch out a beautiful pattern.We chose to design the Golden Gate Bridge.

2. Cut out strips of NeoPixel RGB LED. Place it along the design.

3. Plug in all the wires. Ensure that you have provisioned for a +5V DC input to be provided to this circuit.

4. Program this photon to act according to events received via the particle cloud.

5. Test to see if the LED lights work.

6. Make nice frames for the display. Stick the frames so that the display can rest on a wall.

Step 5: Final Thoughts

General thoughts and how it can be improved.
1. Add music! Add a speaker which will give out an addition “Whoosh” sound every time the laser repulsor fires up.

2. Consider using an accelerometer with IMU like this: . It’ll provide us with precise position data and will not rely entirely on acceleration alone to register an input.

3. Use a thinner breadboard with thinner wires. Design a sleeker gauntlet. Thinner the better!

This was built as part of the HCI Course at Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.

Step 6: Video