Is Santa Claus Coming to My House? - Santa Claus Detector

Introduction: Is Santa Claus Coming to My House? - Santa Claus Detector

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Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way...

With the singing, the annual Christmas has arrived as scheduled.

According to legend, Santa Claus is a descendant of Odin. It is also said that Santa Claus came from the Nicholas family, so Santa Claus is also called St. Nicholas. It is said that he was originally the bishop of the Myra city in Asia Minor. His name was Sinterklaas. He was revered as a saint after his death. He was an old man with a white beard, wearing a red robe and a red hat. Every Christmas he drives from the north in a sleigh pulled by a deer, enters each house through the chimney, and hangs Christmas gifts in Christmas stockings on the children's bedside or in front of the stove. On the second day, the first thing the children do when they wake up is to look for gifts at the bedside.

We all know that Santa Claus will come to give us gifts at night when we are asleep, but when did he get to our house, let's make a Santa Claus detector today. Put the detector at the bedside to detect when Santa arrived.


Hardware List

1 × DFRduino UNO R3 with IO Expansion Shield and USB Cable A-B

1 × Gravity: WiFi IoT Module

1 × Gravity: Digital Adjustable Infrared Proximity Sensor

Material Used for Package

1. Paper Knife

2. Gift Box Wrapping Paper

3. Ribbons

4. Double-side Tape


1. SIoT Platform(Click to download)

2. Mind+

Step 1: Getting Started With Mind+

Click to download Mind+.

Mind+ is a Scratch3.0-based graphical programming platform that supports all kinds of open-source hardware like micro:bit, Arduino, and mPython. Users can drag and snap code blocks to make programs or use advanced language, such as python/c/c++ to code. It could be very easy to find the joy of creating.

Step 2: Install Driver

  1. Open the Mind+ software, click "Tutorial"-"Video Tutorial".
  2. Open the "Driver Installation" video tutorial.
  3. Install the driver with one-click.

Step 3: Get to Know SIoT

3.1 Introduction to SIoT

SIoT is the core software of the "WBoard IoT" project. It is designed to help elementary and middle school students understand the principles of the Internet of Things and be able to develop various creative applications based on the SIoT.

3.2 SIoT Software Download 

Click to download SIoT

3.3 Software Preparation 

SIoT is a portable application, decompress and open the downloaded compressed package.

3.4 Run SIoT 

Double-click SIoT_win.exe, you can see a black CMD window.

3.5 Get Computer IP

   ■ Press "WIN" + "R" on the keyboard at the same time

   ■ Enter "cmd", click OK, a small black box will pop up

   ■ Enter "ipconfig" in the small black box and click on the keyboard "enter". You can see the IP address in the small black box. The IP in the figure below is

3.6 Open SIoT Webpage 

Open the computer browser, enter the IP address in the URL bar and add ":8080", such as: 192.168.XX.XX:8080

Log in to SIoT, account number: siot  Password: dfrobot

What should I do if I can't open it?

    ■ Check whether a black window of Siot is open

    ■ Check whether the ip address is wrong, if there are multiple ip addresses, try them one by one

    ■ Turn off the network firewall

3.7 SIoT Interface 

If you see this page, we have completed our first small goal.

Step 4: Burning Codes

4.1 Connect each module as shown in the figure below.

4.2 Pack each module as follows.

4.3 Coding on Mind+

Open Mind+ and select offline mode.

Click “Extension”.

Select UNO Board and communication module.

The codes are shown in the figure.

Burn the program to the UNO board.

Step 5: Detect When Did Santa Come?

5.1 Click on the item list after logging in.

After logging in to SIot, there is a new project

5.2 Device List

Click the only device in the device list to view the message.

5.3 Message Monitoring 

Now you can check the time the Santa came to the house. 

That's all for this project. Thanks for reading, and wish you all a Merry Christm

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