Introduction: Is There Any Other Life in Our Milky Way

Is there is any life in our universe........i think there is.. but i don't know where it was..but still i have expectation.

Here i am go to make our solar system..not entire, a small portion .and aliens coming in rocket and surveillance around us.

Step 1: Creating Object & Background

open tinker cad and create account.then select code block. Then do as in the picture above..TRY THE MEASUREMENT IN PICTURE ABOVE . AFTER DONE YOU CAN TAKE OTHER VALUE..

Step 2: Creating Rings

code is in picture just follow it ..

Step 3: Creating Planets and Rotate Them

Here you need to create a group..and i am add say function to it..To tell what planet is showing now..and we add spheres and give value to it and add move function to make on the planets in different sphere. and add rotate for rotation of planets (z axis ) in 180 degree.then i add other planets to it thing i used above.if felt any doubt please check the code .or you can comment it. i will help you

Step 4: Creating a Rocket

creating object and rename as rocket and make sure that the measurement is right.

Step 5: Create a Group for Movement of a Rocket

here you want to drag more MOVE (more than 10 and less than 14-16)..and add value to y axis small value create more originality in movement of rocket.Don't worry it is simple we can create duplicate by right clicking on the mouse..Then drag ROTATE (z axis and -90)

Then create another move as same but the axis value is different . here we give value to X axis (-10)

then need to add ROTATE in z axis by -90 degree.Now important thing here we drag move and give value in y axis as 10 not negative ..

Add ROTATE below (z axis by -90 Degree)

Drag MOVE add value in x axis as 10 (positive).

if you want,you can add some asteroid around it .

add REPEAT as you want i give 1 times rocket revolve 1 times....

Step 6: Final View

When you run this code. you can see first :- sun appear then orbits, planets.. just zoom the planets for seeing it rotation..then a the edge a rocket is developing and it is rotating..Oh is there is aliens around us???